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Official site A dance music retrospective, covering all styles of the old skool rave music scene from the past 20 years right up to today, including jungle, hardcore, house, techno and ambient. Features full length classic tracks for download in RealAudio format, articles, scans, links, charts, production column, and we even have our own record label, releasing brand new old skool style tracks in the new millennium. Retrospectiva de la msica de baile incluyendo 20 aos de sonido techno, house, ambient... cuentan con su propio sello.
At LoopMagazine:
At Allmusic: Brief history by Richie Unterberger. Breve historia a cargo de Richie Unterberger.


At Really complete electronic music chronology from its very early roots. It's focused on electronic machines and processes of music creation. Amplia cronología de la música electrónica, centrada en la evolución de los aparatos y medios de creación de la música.


At Hyperreal: Complete history of house till 1989. Completa historia del house hasta 1989
At Allmusic: Brief house history. Breve historia del house.


At xs4all: Brief jungle history. Breve historia del jungle.

-MACHINE SOUL: a history of techno

At Hyperreal: Huge article originally appeared in The Village Voice, 1993. It's based on the evolution of electronic dance genres and the British scene. Gran artículo tomado de The Village voice, 1993. Está basado en la evolución de los diferentes estilos de baile y su repercusión en la escena británica.


At Newforms: